Service desk.

Our friendly helpdesk geeks will provide INSTANT telephone and remote support to your Mac (and Windows) users from 7:00am to 7:00pm. We can also provide you with a PAYG 24/7 Support service if you need it. When we say instant support, that’s exactly what you’ll get! We left call loggers behind a long time ago so when you contact us, your call will be answered Directly by a fully qualified IT professional who will provide you with support on the spot. And when it comes to support, we won’t let you down. There’s not much out there that we haven’t fixed over the years and we take a best endeavour approach to supporting ANY apps and systems that you use in the workplace. We’ll have no nasty small print here!

Mac Support Services desk

Onsite support.

Our awesome help desk team fix 95% of IT problems remotely, but sometimes there’s a glitch in the matrix. When this happens, our very own fully qualified (and highly experienced) Field Support Technicians will attend site to save the day.   Our onsite support team also provide scheduled onsite support services for setting up and configuring new hardware. There’s NO charge to existing contracted clients for setting up equipment, its all part of the service! And don’t forget our emergency response team. If a critical IT problem grinds your Business to a halt, then we’ll be onsite within the hour.

Onsite Mac Support

Project Management.

We’ve lost count of the number of IT projects we’ve successfully completed over the years. If you’ve got an upcoming IT project that needs completing, or, you’ve got this amazing idea in your head that you’d like us to implement then why not take advantage of our many years’ experience? We’re also very experienced (and very clever) at getting Macs and Windows to work in harmony together. We have many clients that work in cross-platform environment, so you can trust us to integrate your systems effectively. Whether you simply need a Mac Mini configured as a server, or you need an entire Network infrastructure refresh from the ground up, we can help. Because we’re that good.

Mac Project Management

Cyber Security.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Macs don’t need protection from Viruses and Malware. We’ve seen a global increase in Malware instances targeting Apple devices over the past, so it’s important to ensure that your network remains a safe haven by introducing one or more security solutions into the workplace. We can install and configure effective Anti-virus software on your Apple devices, which can be monitored and maintained from a central administration console. We can install and configure the latest Firewall Hardware on your Network, and we can also help you introduce other Network Security solutions, including 2-factor authentication, Data Loss Prevention and Network Penetration testing.

Mac Cyber Security


Our highly industrious procurement team can source ALL of the latest Apple hardware, including MacBook’s, iMacs, Mac Pros, iPads and even iPhones. We’ve partnered with some of the UK’s biggest and best hardware and software distributers to bring our clients the latest Apple equipment at preferential rates. Found a MacBook online that takes your fancy? Why not give us a call to get a price comparison? The chances are that we’ll be able to get it cheaper for you. And if you’re a contracted client, we’ll install and configure it for you free of charge! If you’re not a client, you’re still welcome to get in touch to request a no-obligation quote for your Mac hardware. We’re nice like that.

Mac Procurement

Business Continuity.

Our Business Continuity solutions of choice come from the Cloud. We provide our lovely clients with Cloud Disaster Recovery solution (also known as DRaaSthat is easy to apply, simple to maintain and won’t burst your piggy bank. Most importantly, they provide you with a way of getting swift access to your data, and the fastest way of getting your network back up and running in the event of a Business-Critical outage.   And if you don’t want to go as far as replicating your entire Network, then we can also offer you Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage solutions that are Mac compatible 

Business Continuity - Mac Support in London

VoIP Telephony.

We’re a 3CX partner. That’s great because 3CX is one of the most comprehensive (and cost-effective) Unified Communications solutions in the world. 3CX does everything. It provides you with a desk-based VoIP solution and a Smartphone app that lets you take your office extension with you on the move. In addition, 3CX provides you with enterprise class instant messaging, a software utility for your Mac and Video conferencing. If you have more than one office, then we can configure 3CX so internal calls can be made across different premises. It’s quite clever!

VoIP - Mac support London

Cloud Strategy Adoption Services.

We’ve helped many of our amazing clients make an incredibly smooth transition from on-premise systems and solutions to one or more Cloud services. And we’ve saved them a lot of money in the process! Thinking of switching one or more of your IT systems or Applications to the Cloud? Pretty much every App, service and platform is now available “as a service” from Cloud Services Providers at discounted costs when compared to purchasing yourself, so why wouldn’t you switch to Cloud services that have a silver lining? Got a question about one or more Cloud services and want to know if they are suitable for your Business? Don’t hesitate to give one of our geeks a call on 020 3963 5533.

iCloud - Mac Cloud Services

“We are writing to thank you for way you dealt with our whole installation and the on-going support that you have provided us with since then. As a start-up organisation moving into new offices and relatively inexperienced in this area and our requirements etc., we needed a great deal of initial support and advice, in addition to guidance with our longer term plans.” Luk Kozlowski.

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